About Our Emerald Isle Restaurant: Dishing Up Flavorful Cuisine in the Crystal Coast

215325_10150134548972714_6656915_nEstablished by owner Kris Shoffner in 2001, Flipperz Family Bar & Grill has been an Emerald Isle, NC institution for over a decade. Appealing to the holiday crowd and visitors of Bogue Banks, our restaurant brings the ultimate island experience to Emerald Isle guests and residents with its fun, distinctive island motif.

Not only do we provide savory dishes that use bold, zesty ingredients in our foods, we offer our patrons a casual, yet classy dining experience, delectable homemade fudge, and unique memorabilia. And don’t forget — we’re one of Emerald Isle’s favorite live music and entertainment venues!

Constructed by hand, Flipperz Family Bar & Grill is housed in an establishment with uncommon characteristics like our “penny bar,” which is topped with 4,000 shiny, new uncirculated pennies that were carefully placed with gloved hands in exactly the “heads up” position, except for one lone penny that was placed in the “heads down” position. What fun it is to search for the “heads down” penny!

Enjoy Homemade Marinades & Our Signature “George’s Mix”

931373_10151364713252714_1440930438_nAt Flipperz Family Bar & Grill, we proudly create all our fresh marinades, which add a special touch of flavor to each entrée. One of our signature secrets is George’s Mix, a dry blend of seasonings that wakes up anything from salads to steak, to fish to soup. Concocted by Knoxville, TN native and close friend of Shoffner’s, George Sterchi, George’s Mix has become an integral part of the food we produce at Flipperz.

In fact, George’s Mix is such an essential component of our dishes we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. Now, you too can enjoy the seasonings we use when you purchase George’s mix from our Flipperz Retail store or through our online shop.

Flipperz Family Bar & Grill is conveniently located in Emerald Isle along North Carolina’s Crystal Coast. We are proud to serve both residents and visitors of the Bogue Banks.